Li100 (12V 100AH LITHIUM Lifep04 Made In Ireland)

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  • 12V 100AH Lifep04 Battery 
  • Manufactured In Ireland 
  • 6 Year Guarantee
  • Blue-tooth Connection for Apple and Android, State of charge, Temperature, Cell Voltage, Current all can be monitored remotely 
  • These 12v 100ah LiGen Lithium Leisure batteries are capable of thousands of cycles, to 100% depth of discharge under normal conditions. They have built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge, overcurrent and over-temperature.
  • Each battery is lightweight, about 40% ~70% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery.

    LiGen batteries support up to 4 in Series (51.2V) and 4 in parallel.

    All the  components in the battery can be recycled or repurposed at the end of useful life, saving the environment.

  • Dimensions 328L x 172W x 220H

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* Please check this battery matches your current battery size and terminal layout. We don't want to send you the wrong battery!